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Are you a high-impact leader who wants to achieve exceptional performance, lose weight, live longer, and have more energy in 90 days or less?

Take on Life With A New Level of Motivation And Energy

Achieve high performance in all areas of your life. Imagine feeling better, looking better, and having more physical and mental strength. You don’t need to be in it alone!

I’ve combined the most powerful elements of high-performance coaching for executives with a science-based, cutting-edge system to produce a powerful solution.

Here is what you can expect to accomplish when you work with Lisa G


We’ll uncover a clear vision that aligns with your values, goals, and passions.

A vision that inspires you to thrive with stamina, grit, and sharper mental focus during uncertain times.

We use strategies to level up your life and business by assessing your goals in fitness, nutrition, career, relationships, and more.

Then we will begin to set a trajectory for your next levels of potential and performance.

We’ll develop your personal mission statement to guide your action steps so that you implement them.

We will dive deep into what issues keep you awake at night and what your life would look like within the next 90-days!


We’ll jumpstart your results by taking a deep dive into upgrading your lifestyle and habits.

We will put into motion an action plan and strategies so that you can learn to unlock better performance, focus, and increased life and business success.

Learn how to charge ahead and achieve longevity.


You’ll learn how to build a bulletproof mindset to help you increase performance and productivity by tapping into the systems of world-class leaders.

Learn how to be unshakable, unstoppable, AND unbreakable in today’s uncertain times.


Remain accountable to reach your most ambitious goals. I deliver these results with high-level VIP coaching to increase your productivity and lifespan.


Age in reverse and thrive. You will have more energy both physically and mentally.

A proven biohacking framework ensures results so you can achieve peak fitness, stamina, energy, and performance in your life.


Discover unbreakable habit stacking that leads to success.

Design your life as a leader with a master plan to accomplish your fitness and performance goals.

Learn powerful strategies to take your life and energy to remarkable levels of high- performance.

Lisa G. Fitness is The #1 High-Performance Coach for Executives

If you’re ready to step up your leadership, level up, lose 8-10 lbs of body fat so that you can live longer, feel better, look better and move better, apply today for the Boss Plan!

I help high-impact executives lose weight, live longer, and have more energy in 90 days or less.

🏋️ Like all great athletes, the world’s top executives have a coach.

High-performance coaching is about helping you achieve your best, dream bigger, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Have you ever said, “I will do it after this holiday or that event.” And you never get to it?


You can learn to thrive in uncertain times with higher energy levels, strength, and stamina within the next 90-days!

Apply today and see if you are a good candidate for VIP one-on-one coaching with me.

Individualized VIP High-Performance Coaching

Reach The Next Level In Your Life In Just 90 Days

Work with a leading expert in helping executives level- up to create a life you love by developing high-performance habits in the main areas of your life including career,  energy, fitness, and relationships so that you can increase your lifespan and happiness.

Take On Life With A New Level of Motivation And Energy

The Boss Plan helps you accomplish your biggest goals by prioritizing your longevity and energy levels.

As a high-performance executive coach, I empower you to fulfill your highest potential through a sustainable mindset and behavior shifts.

🏆 High-Performance Coaching for Executives 🏆

Coach with me in the privacy of your home, or office. You get VIP access to me via Skype, text, or Zoom. Taking into account your stress levels at work, and upcoming travel plans.

Your plan is unique and individualized to make it possible to build the life of your dreams.

Who is this for?

I work with high-impact clients who are CEOs, founders and financial executives with schedules that call for extreme focus and attention. 

Why now?

Why this is for you: Sleep deprivation, daily stress from work and family can be overwhelming.

Countless meetings and phone calls as well as last minute traveling… It’s no wonder that many of you have had to place yourself last on the list of to-dos.

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Ready to accomplish your biggest goals by prioritizing your longevity and energy levels?

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